Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions:

How much does an average intensive therapy week cost? 

While this is dependent on your needs, most will average a weekly cost of $4800 - $8000. 

How many hours per week should we plan for our intensive program? 

Most intensives will range from 12 - 20 hours per week; which equates to 2-4 hours per day.  Please plan accordingly and have food with you so to keep your blood sugar stable.  We recommend to keep some good quality fat or protein snacks on hand.  

What is the goal of your therapy? 

Our goal is to create positive neuroplastic changes in your nervous system so that your brain and nervous system can properly heal and integrate your body.  Neuroplasticity is the nervous systems ability to mold and change itself - this can work for us or against us.  If you have been suffering for a long time, there may be compensation patterns that we need to overcome and this may take longer to create positive functional changes.

Does the price of the intensive include any labs, supplements, or home care products? 

The price of the intensive program is solely the cost of our services.  If labs or supplements are indicated there will be additional charges for these.  This is all dependent on your specific needs. If certain products are needed to continue your home care program this is also a separate charge.  Some products can be purchased through our office; if something needs to be purchased elsewhere we will give you the info about where to acquire the product from. 

Why won’t insurance cover these therapies?

Unfortunately your insurance company is not up to speed with the most innovative therapies.  They mostly still consider what we do as “investigational”, even though most of our modalities have decades of research studies behind them proving them safe and effective.  Our goal is to focus on your care, not haggling with insurance companies. 

How quickly can we see results?

Many begin experiencing results day 1!  This highly depends on the severity of your situation and how much compensation patterns you have developed that we need to overcome.  Results are our forte - we will achieve results where others consistently fail. 

Do you offer recurring intensive therapy options?

Yes, we can set you up to have recurring intensive therapy as needed for your situation.  Some come in weekly, monthly or bi monthly on a regular basis.  Talk to our team to discover what would work best for you.  We have families that book full intensive programs every 2-6 months.  We also have families that prefer to come in more regularly that will book 2-6 hours weekly or monthly.  Many choose to continue to come in so to consistently make even more gains after their full intensive program with us.  If home care if a struggle for you, then coming in regularly may be the best option for you.

What type of therapy does your office offer?

We do so many things!  We operate in the Developmental Functional Neuroscience paradigm.  This is the basis of the Melillo Method.  The types of therapies we use include but is not limited to: laser and light therapy, whole body and localized vibration, multiple software programs like the Neurosage system, various types of gentle electrical stimulation, primitive reflex integration methods, postural reflex methods, core stability exercises, sensory processing integration, acoustic stimulus, various eye movement therapies, various balance / coordination / vestibular therapies.  Everything that we do is geared toward your specific needs and are intended to create positive changes in your nervous system.

What type of conditions does your office work with?

We see the most complex and complicated cases around the world.  We are often the place that people come to after they have been everywhere else and have not gotten answers or results.  We work with: brain injuries of all types, neurobehavioral disorders including autism, add/adhd, dyslexia, Tourette’s, tics, ocd, PANS/PANDAS/PiTANS, autoimmune encephalitic syndromes, seizures, spinal cord injuries, pain, chronic pain, chronic regional pain syndromes, depression, anxiety, various mental disorders, dizziness, vestibular disorders, migraines/headaches.  We also help elite athletes and business executives perform at their highest level.