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Neuro Developmental Blueprint

NeuroSolution Laser Therapy

Our office implements the most cutting edge technology to speed up healing and recovery.  Laser and light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation and photoneuromodulation, has been extensively studied since the 1960’s and has been proven to be a safe and extremely effective modality to increase healing and speed recovery from nearly all aliments.  This is true because at the very core of what this therapy does is it delivers more energy to your cells so they can do their job more efficiently; whether it’s healing or producing neurotransmitters.  Not only are we packing the most advanced lasers on the market, but the NeuroSolution methods offer the most innovative approaches to healing. 

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Neurosage by SNA Biotech

We offer an advanced and novel approach to care that many would not expect when they walk into their doctor’s office.  The Neurosage software is a series of video games combined with various acoustic and visual experiences that are designed to retrain the brain.  While engaged with the software we will take you through a series of sensory experiences so to tap into every region of the brain so to promote healing and recovery that was never before thought possible.  This is known as multi modal sensory stimulus; simply stated we are stimulating every possible sense you have so to promote the fastest and most efficient healing experience for your brain and body.

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NeuroSolution Primitive Reflex Integration

When were you or you child last checked for retained primitive reflexes?  This is vital for proper development of the brain and nervous system, and if these reflexes are not integrated various symptoms have been noted to develop, such as: ADHD/ADD, dyslexia/learning disorders, Autism, OCD, Tourettes, depression, anxiety, various mental disorders, fatigue, gastrointestinal dysfunction, autoimmunity, pain, headaches, migraines, spinal curvatures / scoliosis, balance / coordination issues…and many others.  So whether you're a child or adult, please schedule a visit to have this checked ASAP.  By properly integrating primitive reflexes, you’re allowing your brain to function at its most optimum. 

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Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration has been reported to help many facets of life such as balance and coordination, bone density, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, gut function, and pain.  We combine Vibe Plates with our specific protocols to achieve the most optimum outcomes.  

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Vagus Nerve Rehab

Neuroscience has proven in various ways that the vagus nerve and the vagal system are connected to healing many parts of the brain and body.  If this system is properly integrated and therapy is properly applied the benefits are far reaching and powerful.  We employ many different methods and modalities to properly enhance and rehab this vital system to improve your health and performance in any scenario.  

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have.
What will my first visit look like?

We will perform a complete patient evaluation that includes various diagnostics and tests, including routine labs if deemed necessary.

How long does the therapy take?

Depending on the type of therapy program our patients enrolls in, it could look like:
Basic/Local program: 1 hour
Sports performance: 1.5-2 hours (1-2x day)
Intensive program: 1.5-2.5 hours (2x day)
Wellness Care: 1-2 hours (2-4x month)

Does the therapy hurt?

No, our patients may be sore from the passive and physical exercises we initially start doing with them.

Is it okay after surgery?

Yes, some of our patients start soon as they are released for additional therapy immediately following surgery.

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