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never lose hope

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"I truly believe that traditional medicine and traditional therapy need to evolve and every doctor and therapist should have at least one Neuro Solution laser!
-Gaby G. / Mexico City, Mexico

never lose hope

Finding Hope for Pediatric Brain Injury

never lose hope

Finding Hope for Seizures

never lose hope

Laura Grant Interview


Neuropathology of Neuro Storming

Dr. Crawford is the person I most trust with my family's health. He takes the time to listen to his patients and understands the whole human body and how it functions. He has diagnosed several problems with different family members that the mainstream medical community was unable to identify. In addition to being unbelievably intelligent, he truly cares about his patients and their well-being. His office staff is always professional, welcoming and flexible. In the three years or so that I have been a patient I have always left his office feeling better both in body and mind. Don't walk, RUN to Dr. Crawford!!

Amie H.

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Laser Therapy

"We’re forever grateful for your passion, sacrifice, and team! You guys are just so incredible. You’re truly changing the lives for all of our kiddos."

Liz VanDyck Keefauver

"We trust Dr. Crawford more than any medical professional we know! He doesn't rush through appointments, he answers all the questions we have and even sends us peer-reviewed journal articles that we don't have access to if we want info on a certain subject. He doesn't have a one-size-fits-all approach like some chiropractors that I've visited, either. He really tailors every appointment to each patient to get the best results for them. I attribute my comfortable pregnancy to regular adjustments."

Elodia S.

never lose hope

Hear this Family’s Story

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr.
Daigle and staff. To give you an idea of how
happy I was concerning the treatments I
received- I drove 155 miles one way from
Houston, for 6 weeks straight, just to get ther
And it was WELL worth it!!!"

Dennis Rogers - Voted pound for pound worlds strongest man

Sports Performance Athlete


Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have.
What will my first visit look like?

We will perform a complete patient evaluation that includes various diagnostics and tests, including routine labs if deemed necessary.

How long does the therapy take?

Depending on the type of therapy program our patients enrolls in, it could look like:
Basic/Local program: 1 hour
Sports performance: 1.5-2 hours (1-2x day)
Intensive program: 1.5-2.5 hours (2x day)
Wellness Care: 1-2 hours (2-4x month)

Does the therapy hurt?

No, our patients may be sore from the passive and physical exercises we initially start doing with them.

Is it okay after surgery?

Yes, some of our patients start soon as they are released for additional therapy immediately following surgery.

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